Macross Island

A small, insignificant, volcanic island in the southern Pacific Ocean west of Hawaii, this island had never once been fought over. The island had a small fresh water supply, a long dormant volcano and land that could not grow much more than thorny bushes. It had no particularly important locational value and most people ignored it.

This all changed when an alien space craft made a firey and massively destructive descent into Earth’s atmosphere and slammed into the island with enough force to blow a hole into it and level it out.

Within a day 3 battles were fought over the still smoldering wreckage. WIthin a week scientists and military officials from 3 factions had formed a truce and began to explore the ship.

Within 2 weeks a cease fire was signed at the island, every faction and nation in the world having signed off except 3 rather paranoid groups. The United Earth Government was formed and immediately efforts to salvage and repair the alien craft were under way. The process would take 20 years. In those 2 decades a small war with one of the unwilling nations and a few civil unrests were dealt with. Those decades saw some of the largest growths in technology ever achieved.

The ship is being called the Super-Dimensional Fortress – 1.

Macross Island

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